Virginia Peterson

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Carved Wooden Toys

On Eagle’s Wings

5 Responses to Virginia Peterson

  1. V R Peterson says:

    Web site, still being perfected, some doubles

  2. V R Peterson says:

    The multicolored wood block Toys print was something John created as a book cover for a book that gradually morphed into many different stories so it was never used as a book cover. I always liked the wood block, though, as he also made some simple wooden toys for our then toddler, Isaac.

  3. V R Peterson says:

    Actually, the original wood block for the Toys wood cut has been lost through the years. This design is almost 40 years old but it still delights the eye. You can see the Japanese white rice paper wood cuts are usually printed on. So this design would have to be offered only on prints or posters rather than as a wood cut.

  4. V R Peterson says:

    Any coincidence to any person living or dead or any company is purely coincidental. All the poetry and writing is fiction.

  5. V R Peterson says:

    Poetry, although copyrighted, not for sale. Look at them just as popcorn, something for fun. Eventually I may come up with a book but there are this many more yet to proof and edit.

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