Tom Wetzel Alaskan Artist

Tom Paper


Art in public places, Ketchikan, AK
1st place, all Alaska juried art show (1970s)

20140226-115336.jpg 20140226-115641.jpg 20140226-115624.jpg 20140226-115609.jpg 20140226-115541.jpg 20140226-115451.jpg 20140226-115432.jpg 20140226-115416.jpg 20140226-115351.jpg photo 1 photo 2

Toms poster Titles

The Artist (crayon)
Boot (pencil)
King of Kings (water color)
Saint Janet (crayon)
Dragonfly (water color)
Flowers (watercolor)
Deer Mountain (crayon)
Marian, mother (water color)
Symbols (water color)
Pat (crayon)
Cowboy (crayon)
Mother (pencil)


Tom in 1943 with his Mom, Marian, the Lucky Swede’s youngest of 9 children

4 Responses to Tom Wetzel Alaskan Artist

  1. V R Peterson says:

    Tom ‘s art is not quite for sale yet. No originals are available. Tom was the grandson of the Lucky Swede who also inherited his grandmother’s glorious copper colored hair.

  2. V R Peterson says:

    The yellow poster of the red haired woman is Tom’s rendition of his mom, which, when you compare the actual photo of her with Toms impression of her, it’s very easy to see that he captured the spirit of her quite uncannily. I love the ‘hope to be a saint Janet.’. This young woman looks quite determinedly cheerful.

    The nude, Pat, is quite whimsical and reminiscent of some of Matisse’s sketches. One can easily see in Tom’s version of Christ, that this person has suffered horribly.

  3. V R Peterson says:

    The four flowers water color is as tender and delicate and, you might say, tremulous, as if this design fell from an angel’s hand. As in all of Tom’s art, it appears deceptively simple but would be impossible to duplicate. The Boot sketch, for instance, is a marvel of simplicity yet it’s obviously not done by the hand of a child.

  4. V R Peterson says:

    Tom has numerous renditions of Deer Moutain, in different artistic mediums. This was one theme which flowed through most of his life. It is the dominate mountain in the town of Ketchikan, where Tom lived and he has climbed it many times. How it took on this almost spiritual aspect to him is not known.

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