Klondike Gold

Berton BookBerton Book p2  http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,864005,00.htmlChas_Anderson_29_Eldorado Republic paper Anderson family Chas & bros ChasE&Inga2 weddingpoem 

1 Response to Klondike Gold

  1. V R Peterson says:

    The Lucky Swede was born in 1871. He came to America through Ellis Island. This would have made him 27 in 1898, in the above photo of the man with the white hat behind the big dog. He probably got married around 1900 in wedding photo with his Swedish bride. By the time he was 46, in 1916, he already had six of the planned ten children (in photo). The last photo of him was taken as an old man in the newspaper obituary.

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