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Big Draw UAF encourages all to draw

CONTACT: Marissa Carl, 907-451-4023, mmcarl2

Grab a pencil! Pen! Crayon! Glitter glue! Anything you need to draw.

For the first time, the University of Alaska Fairbanks is hosting The Big Draw UAF, part of the world’s largest international drawing festival that takes place every October.

Community canvases have been put up around campus, and all are invited to add their visual voices to them. Canvases have a variety of prompts, including, “Touchy Self-Portrait: Draw a self-portrait with one hand while using your other hand to feel or ‘see’ your face.”

This event is hosted by UAF eLearning and artist/instructional designer Brooke Sheridan as part of her ongoing effort to promote drawing and other visual media as a mode of critical inquiry and of expressing knowledge.

Canvases can be found in:

Art department
English department
Arctic Java
Wood Center
Rasmuson Library
UA Museum of the North
UAF Community and Technical College

Drawers are also encouraged to post their work to the Google+ community created for the event: The online community offers an alternative venue for those who want to participate, especially if they can’t participate on campus. Special prompts are being posted there throughout the month.

Sheridan will be hosting The Big Draw Jam on Oct. 22 in Arctic Java, where all are welcome to join Fairbanks artists, including Jamie Smith, for an evening of drawing. This is an all-ages event, and drawers of all skill levels are encouraged to come. Prompts will be provided but are optional.

Canvases will be up until Nov. 2 and will be displayed at UAF POPCON later in the month. Any volunteered art from the Big Draw Jam will also be displayed during POPCON.

NOTE TO EDITORS: The Big Draw is part of the larger Campaign for Drawing, an independent charity that “raises the profile of drawing as a tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. Its long-term ambition is to change the way drawing is perceived by educationalists and the public.”


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