John Peterson

I am an online science instructor for Saint Leo University in Florida. I teach a class called Evaluating Global Warming.

I live in, and love Alaska thanks first to my roommate, Larry Hoare, who I met at St. John’s University in Minnesota in 1967. Larry decorated our room with pictures and things from Alaska and soon I was hooked. Then, second, when I went to Alaska 1969 and met my wife, Virginia, at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, she encouraged me to finish my degree in physics there.

I earned my bachelor of science degree in physics from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. I worked as a student assistant at the University’s Poker Flats rocket range while I was an undergraduate. I helped launch many scientific explorations on top of rockets into the ionosphere to study the aurora borealis. I went on to study experimental plasma physics and wrote a thesis and published two papers IEEE paper and Physics of Fluids paper about my experiments which earned me a masters degree from the University of South Florida. I returned to Alaska to raise my family and to spend the rest of my days enjoying the beautiful arctic and subarctic climate and nature of Alaska.

JPIn the summers I enjoy driving tour bus and giving tours for Holland America/Princess in Juneau, Alaska.

The old pictures are from the Alaska Digital Archives , a free public collection of so many wonderful pictures of the history of Alaska. They each have a fascinating story to tell, and I do my best to describe them along the way.

Follow me on Twitter @stleoscience and Instagram @stleoscience

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