Danny Peterson

Danny’s Vimeo Site (Check it out!)



Pictures made by Danny in primary school at Harborview in Juneau.


2 Responses to Danny Peterson

  1. V R Peterson says:

    Danny is also the great grand son of the Lucky Swede. These watercolors are original drawings of his, done in the grade school years. He has a degree in English Literature and has created original films and published some of his writing. He does not consider himself an artist per se but we feel these two charming pictures have artistic merit.

  2. V R Peterson says:

    Notice the little car at the bottom of the leaf picture, added almost as an afterthought. Jesse, John, and Isaac all attended Art Student’s League in NYC. From Andrew Wyeth to Truman Capote, many of the most well known artists of the twentieth century all put their time into ASL. ASL is rather like a boot camp for artists, as the students do nothing but their art, for hours, with instructors standing by to advise and help. Every sort of art is represented there from sculpture to oil painting. It is a rather small three story building on West 57th street I think it is, pretty much dwarfed by the Manhattan skyscrapers. In NYC, even the vertical space above a building is considered marketable real estate.

    The vision of ASL was to offer quality art education at an affordable cost in a very expensive city. It is over 100 years old now and has well lived up to its original vision. I don’t see too many ads for it, it’s just something most artists tell each other, like inside information. The nose to the grindstone and no nonsense attributes of ASL are enormously helpful to get the students to turn their dreams into reality. Like anything else, artists must put their time in to perfect their techniques.

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