Isaac Peterson

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  1. V R Peterson says:

    Isaac is also the great grand son of the Lucky Swede. His bio can be found on his website, which is pretty interesting.

  2. V R Peterson says:

    Isaac currently teaches Art and has been commercially successful in many venues from designing custom T shirts, to skate boards to signs for businesses as well as labels for wine bottles. He has also illustrated a children’s book, Gray Fox Walks as well as doing the designs for the catalog of a major fashion designer.

    He is very versatile in many types of art from print making to oil paintings. What is on this web page is just a very small example of his artistic output through the years.

  3. V R Peterson says:

    All of the above pictures are taken purely from the artists imagination, except for the self portrait, which is quite extraordinary. At least, as a non artist, I see art as sort of a miracle gift. The beautiful swans have an exact match of sunset in that same pose. He is a perfectionist in his art and the small white feather to the left of the swans is actually a tear in the original as both pictures are from very old watercolors. The paper is in quite fragile shape and not too big, a little bigger than a sheet of paper. Putting this design on a poster completely saves the beauty of the design and the bigger size really makes this design more attractive.

    The pen and ink sketch of the flying bird was just a practice piece for a final design. Even in his practice pieces, however, he is most precise and ordered in his art. I think the ‘Cat’ oil is hilarious. Isaac has a very good sense of humor. We are not cat people but tried, one time, to have them.
    The local shelter gave us a gorgeous cat, with two different colored eyes. Unfortunately, he was a ferocious Tom cat, at enmity with the world. Although the coloring is different, this Cat picture of his reminds me of that cat.

    The oil self portrait is a wonderful piece of art. I think it was done using a mirror. He has several other self portraits of this blue venue but this is the only one in my possession. While an adjunct art professor for CUNY in NYC, he created a line of skateboards with the Roman Empire design of SPQR, all in metallic gold, with flourishes. Although he no longer manufactures them, they were a humorous take off on the U.S. being similar to the old Roman Empire and, of course, NYC being a prominent city in that empire, like Rome was.

    He illustrated and wrote a marvelous children’s book for the two to three year old sets. It is called Gray Fox Walks and was inspired by having his first child. It’s beauty is in its simplicity and the beautiful, elegant black and white illustrations. Isaac uses his artistic gifts for many practical, commercial uses and has been commissioned by businesses to enhance their profits.

    I think any of these artists could possibly be commissioned to do portraits of loved ones or beloved pets, from life or photos.

  4. V R Peterson says:

    Self portrait two, the pen and ink, is him as a teenager. Self portrait three is him in the early 20’s. The blue oil self portrait is late twenties, early thirties. Number three is pretty interesting, artistically. Somewhere, he got some bright yellow ceramic birds and pinned them on his suit coat. At the time, I thought this was the influence of Dali’s art but just lately I found out he was into St. Francis at the time.

  5. V R Peterson says:

    Any of these three artists, Jesse, John & Isaac would be thrilled to receive a commission of any kind, whether personal, portraits or graphic art for a company or product. However, each of these artists also works full time to pay the bills. Any commission would have to be second fiddle to their bread & butter jobs. The amazing oil of Jesse’s Sitting Nude, for instance, was an ASL model and took fully 90 to 100 hours of his time. I call her a Jewish Princess. At that time, all he was doing was doing was going to ASL so he could devote 100 percent of his time to his art. Actually, at present, all three do have commissioned works of art they are doing on the side. However, while working full time, it takes about ten times the amount of time to create a work of art.

    I just offer this info for practical reasons. John ‘s Young Ukrainian is also an ASL model. All three of these artists showed their gift for art from very early childhood. The best art is created from living models, so, to even consider a commission, you have to also consider all these other things.
    Each of their styles is uniquely their own and different from each other. Each of them has put their time into studying and doing their art so they can be considered seasoned artists. Although they are all of different ages, they have each put their time in to become an artist.

    John’s obvious tender feelings towards his subjects would be great in the painting of young children, for instance. Isaac’s perfectionism and style would make wonderful representations of architecture or making products appealing to the consumer. Jesse’s imagination is unbounded so his take on anything would be very interesting and highly original.

  6. V R Peterson says:

    The two beautiful stylized swans are easily thirty years old. I think true art has a timeless quality to it so these swans are every bit as fresh and delightful to the eye as they were the day they were first created. The fact that he has already created art to help reputable companies sell their products, such as the J. Crew catalog, is a higher recommendation for his unique ability to create graphics that will help a company make bigger profits than simply word of mouth or what a teacher might say or one of his colleagues. His latest artistic endeavor is graphic art depiction of a pirate, which will be printed on flags and sold commercially. Quite often, the design is the main thing and the familiarity of the company logo to the public. The artist is noted often as an afterthought, in small print. However Isaac’s art is a proven seller, in many different venues.

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